A mobile team

To be in constant touch with OEM customers, to ensure technical training concerning new products and to make our client sales dynamic, a mobile team circulates throughout Europe all year round. Upon request, a visit may be organised according to your possibilities.

A credit department

Our personalised Credit Department makes it possible to obtain outstanding debts, depending on your needs. We also have a credit insurance which insures your outstanding invoices, called SFAC.

High preformance logistics

The organisation of our logistics allows us to obtain a delivery capacity of over 300 packages per day. Upon request, we are capable of delivering to your clients anonymously , thus allowing you to save on logistics costs.

An effecient after sales service

80% of the after sales service calls are resolved with the following hour . Our technical personnel offers a basis of electronic knowledge making it possible to find the best solution within the shortest possible time period.

Marketing support

Our sales and technical teams are constantly informed of the market developments, of new technology and new equipment, to more efficiently accompany the relations with our clients.