TSMC Solid State Lighting Ltd. believes that the solid-state lighting industry promises high growth and long-term profitability. We are committed to developing solid-state lighting technology for innovative lighting solutions that create long-term economic value for corporations, communities and households.

Corporate Vision

Provide leading-edge solid state lighting that creates a green and harmonic life style.

Mission Statement

Be the world’s number one solid state lighting solution provider by integrating LED and semiconductor technologies. To that end, we must have:

  • The most advanced technology
  • The highest-quality & reliable products
  • The best cost-effective manufacturing


Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology delivers 5 to 10 times higher efficacy than traditional incandescent bulbs and 10 times longer life while using more eco-friendly materials. An LED emits light through solid-state electroluminescence. Traditional incandescent bulbs use thermal radiation that creates lower lighting efficacy. Solid-state lighting technology offers greater potential than any other lighting technologies for energy savings and an enhanced environment.

Based on this belief, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) set up solid state lighting business in 2009 and transferred it into a newly-established, wholly-owned subsidiary – TSMC Solid State Lighting Ltd in August 2011.

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