Established in 2003 as a pioneer of LED lighting innovation, Brilliance Technologies designs develops, manufactures, and markets abroad range of high performance LED. LED modules, and LED lamps for use in a wide variety of lighting applications around the world. In 2007, we partnered with Philips, Lemnis, Sharp, Samsung, Glo Lighting, and Schahl in promoting and marketing LED lighting. In 2011. Brilliance Technologies acquired eight international patents for improving the brightness of LED modules, which is why we can offer brighter LED lighting products.

  As a strategic partner for Sharp, we share internationally advanced LED technologies for LED light sources and product development. We have been devoted to creating high power LED lighting applications for more than nine years. As a result, we have become a leading supplier of high power LED lamps with branch offices around the world and a wide distributor network covering 20 countries, which enables us to promote products worldwide. Our brand is widely recognized by over one thousand high-end commercial users.

As a professional manufacturer, we have a R&D team that can handle highly customized product designs reflecting the latest in technology advancements and manufacturing techniques. Since we established our China operation in 2006, our LED products have been manufactured according to Philips' and Sharp's stringent quality standards. We have committed to our customers an annual production capacity 0f6 million lamps. Our production facilities received IS09001 quality certification in 2008, and our products meet or exceed KEMA,UL, Energy Star, CE, ROHS and CQM requirements.

Embracing LED's solid state technology as the illumination source, we continue to research and innovate in order to offer higher power, more energy efficiency, and longer life LED lighting solutions. Brilliance products are engineered to save energy and to promote environmental friendliness around the world.

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